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Martin House

Sunburst Fireplace
October Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer

October Volunteer Spotlight

Cynthia Silverstein began volunteering more than eleven years ago when she recognized that the Martin House was a “jewel shining in the city” and in her own neighborhood. College studies brought her to Western New York, but the city’s potential for historic renovation, tourism, and community engagement kept her here…
Martin House
October 20, 2020
Wright Virtual Visits: Phase II
Wright Virtual Visits: Phase II News

Wright Virtual Visits: Phase II

In response to the shutdowns caused by the pandemic, the Wright Virtual Visits project began in April 2020 when more than 20 Wright sites from across the country participated in swapping weekly pre-recorded videos. After a brief hiatus this summer, the popular project is back! And this time around, tune…
Martin House
August 19, 2020
Martin House Fireplace
July Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer

July Volunteer Spotlight

In 1997, Buffalo hosted the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy Conference, and Gary Kwiatkowski eagerly signed up to volunteer. The United States Air Force veteran had earned his AAS in Architecture Technology from Alfred State College where he was introduced to Frank Lloyd Wright. At the conference, Gary connected with people from the…
Martin House
July 27, 2020
Martin House Exterior
June Volunteer Spotlight Volunteer

June Volunteer Spotlight

Diane Schrenk has been a Martin House volunteer for an incredible 27 years. Her passion for Frank Lloyd Wright was ignited during a visit to a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. She was struck by the soulful expression of beauty, architecture, and art…
Martin House
June 15, 2020
Martin House Back in Bloom
Martin House Back in Bloom NewsPress

Martin House Back in Bloom

This article originally appeared in The Washington Post on May 12, 2020. Last July, after almost 20 years of restoration and reconstruction, the stewards of Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House celebrated a milestone. Landscaping on the 1.5-acre estate in a suburban neighborhood of Buffalo was complete. It still looked raw…
Martin House
May 12, 2020
Martin House Campus
Restoration By Microscope Restoration

Restoration By Microscope

This article originally appeared in The Globe and Mail on April 24, 2020. I don’t care what season it actually is, step into the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo (1904-05), and its perpetual fall. Maybe that’s because its architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, worshipped Mother Nature, and fall is when she…
Martin House
April 24, 2020