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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Darwin and Isabelle Martin, along with Frank Lloyd Wright, believed in the democracy of architecture and nature, and the powerful force for good that comes from the sharing of diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

Wright’s focus on breaking convention and creating spaces for all types of individuals perfectly aligned with the Martins’ philanthropic endeavors and community-driven lifestyle.

At the Martin House, we strive to embody these same IDEAS: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability. We endeavor to infuse these ideals into the foundations of the Martin House, and we are committed to these principles so as to build a stronger museum for the benefit of all citizens of the city of Buffalo, the region, and beyond.


We aspire to create a culture of belonging where differences are welcomed, diverse perspectives are valued, and every voice is heard in an environment built on respect and inclusion.


We strive to expand representation of all our varied identities by affirming our similarities and asserting value in our differences.


We champion fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and parity in access for all.


We seek to make our programs, resources, and facilities accessible by removing barriers and providing opportunities for meaningful engagement.


Led by the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright, we promote optimal practices and policies that aim to keep our grounds-as well as our planet-both livable and beautiful as stewards of the natural and built environment.

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