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School Tours & Programs

With on-site, in class, and virtual options, let the Martin House Education Team work with you to build an inspiring program.

Tour Offerings

Many schools opt for one of our standard tour offerings.

  • Martin House tours are recommended for grades 3 and up.
  • Martin House Plus tours are recommended for grades 7 and up.
  • Tours can be shortened for younger school groups.

In addition to our standard tours above, a tour experience can be customized to be grade-specific and to fit a specific curriculum.

Themed Tours

Many schools desire a more robust Martin House experience that combines a tour with activities centered around specific themes. Examples of popular programs include:

Architecture SHAPES Our World (K–3): The built environment is made up of different shapes. Learn how these shapes work together in building the Martin House from the smallest detail to the grand planning of the site. Create your own 2D structure on paper to take with you after discovering shapes around the House.

Art Glass at the Martin House (3–12): Art and architecture go hand-in-hand. Explore the Martin House with a concentration on the beautiful art glass window collection, and create your own art glass template after the tour.

Engineering Past and Present (3–12): The Martin House is an engineering marvel. Take a tour of the site, and learn about the history of engineering from 1907–today. Discover unique details about the design by going “behind the scenes” and learn the importance of I-beam construction that forever changed the way we think about buildings.

Japanese Block Printing (5-12): Examine the Martin House’s Japanese elements, including the woodblock print collection. Create your own prints out of soft cut, focusing on negative/positive space, nature, and design techniques.

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