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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House is pleased to announce the return of an original Wisteria art glass window, which is now installed in the first-floor dining room. Made possible through a generous donation by Sushanna Stern in memory of her late husband Arthur Isaac Stern with supporting funds from Mark K. Stephens and Anthony Latess, this window will be the eleventh of this pattern on view at Martin House.

“Some of the most extraordinary art glass ever produced for an American home is found right here at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House,” said Martin House Curator Susana Tejada. “These windows are meant to be experienced as a sequence within a site-specific environment, which is why we are so thrilled to have an original window come back home.”

Located in the historic Parkside neighborhood of Buffalo, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House contains an extraordinarily rich collection of art glass in sixteen primary patterns. Five structures on the historic property once had a total of 446 art glass designs by Wright mostly in the form of windows. The gifted Wisteria art glass is one of 14 in the standard size that comprise the Martin House’s signature 3-part windows.

Due to the size and significance of the collection, caring for the art glass is a top priority. Martin House continues to focus on three main areas: the restoration of original art glass; the replication of missing pieces based on original examples; and the reacquisition of original Martin House art glass held in public and private collections.

“Martin House is grateful to the growing list of individuals and museums who through the years have generously returned Wright’s art glass designs to the place where they were first imagined,” said Executive Director Jessie Fisher. “This art glass allows us to shine a light on an essential component of Wright’s vision as an architect and is why we are committed to recovering and reintegrating as many pieces as possible to ensure his design can be enjoyed by the public as intended.”