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The Martin House is replicating seven Tree of Life art glass panels to complete the band of windows for the south end of the reception room. The Martin House has selected Oakbrook Esser Studios of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, as the fabricator of these exquisitely intricate reproductions based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs.

According to Paul Phelps, owner of Oakbrook Esser, studio artisans are currently in the process of “transforming bits and pieces of metal and glass to beautiful finished pieces.” One Tree of Life window, for example, can contain as many as 750 individual pieces of glass. So, it may not come as a surprise, according to Phelps, that in order “to create the nearly 12,000 pieces of metal required, about 60,000 cuts had to be made.”

Since 1997, the Martin House has partnered with Oakbrook Esser on the historical preservation and replication of Wright’s art glass for the estate. Their work has included windows for the carriage house and the conservatory, as well as many examples for the main residence.

All seven Tree of Life windows will be completed and installed in the Martin House by the end of this year.