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Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Kanchalee Deganis-Librera discovered the Martin House during her first visit to the city a few years ago. Her now husband and his family had planned an exploration of the historic Parkside neighborhood.Kanchalee Deganis-Librera

“I still remember the disbelief that I felt when told that the beautiful Martin House gardens were open to the public,” said Kanchalee. “You could even walk on the grass!”

Once she relocated to Buffalo, she knew she had to find a way to get involved. She was eagerly recruited by the volunteer Landscape Team, even with very little gardening skills on her resume, and now lists this experience as one of her proudest accomplishments. The detailed landscape has even touched the life of her mother, who still lives in Thailand and knows a lot about flowers and plants. The two spend lots of time talking about the different plants her mother can see in the photos Kanchalee sends to her weekly.

“Even during my busiest weeks, I will always find time for the Martin House,” said Kanchalee. “The volunteer leaders of the team make my time here very worthwhile.”

Kanchalee brings a creative energy to the volunteer corps as an artist and storyteller through her professional work in screenwriting, directing, and editing. She holds a M.F.A. in Media Arts Production from The City College of New York and has worked on many productions in NYC and Bangkok.

Kanchalee paintingDuring her personal time, she also practices illustration and recently completed a lovely watercolor painting of the conservatory, pictured here.

Thank you Kanchalee Deganis-Librera for your commitment to our important work maintaining the now-restored, historic gardens!



Connect with us if you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at the Martin House.