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The long, horizontal design of the Martin House makes it tricky to photograph. Architectural Photographer Matthew Digati shares a few tips for novice (and even experienced!) photographers to remember so you go home with beautiful exterior images.

  • Don’t photograph into the sun. Try to have the sun at your back so you’re capturing the best light possible rather than washing out the whole scene you’re trying to photograph. The Martin House has different areas that are perfectly lit throughout the day, so find the best light first, then photograph.
  • Rather than zooming in, get closer to whatever it is you’re trying to photograph. The zoom function on phones causes photos to be noisy and blurry. Walking up closer will produce a better image.
  • Take both vertical photos AND horizontal photos. The Martin House is a large and spread out structure, so only photographing it vertically won’t capture its size. Turn your phone horizontally to match the architecture.

For more experienced photographers:

On October 12 from 12-2pm, Matt will lead an Architectural Photography Workshop. Participants will explore the Martin House guided by a docent and Matt, learning about both the space and how to capture stunning images as the conditions change. Note: the workshop is not intended for beginners. Find information at

About Matthew Digati

Matt grew up on Buffalo’s West Side but had a best friend who resided on Jewett Parkway in the Parkside neighborhood, just down the street from the Martin House. As children, they would play on the grounds of the estate which had fallen into disrepair, a story we hear quite often.

Today, Matt lives two blocks from the Richardson Complex, a perfect location for the photographer so interested in Buffalo’s architecture – from historically significant buildings like the Martin House to regular family homes that together create the diverse neighborhoods of the city.

In 2015, Matt decided to start an Instagram profile to share the photos he had been capturing of single family residences around Buffalo. The account quickly grew, and Matt realized through this simple concept that there was an appetite for the residential architecture that isn’t always highlighted.

“I have a burning love for architecture, and I quickly realized I wasn’t alone,” said Matt. “Tons of people were interested in seeing just regular homes that are well-designed and visually interesting.”

Now you can also explore Matt’s website,, where he shares both images and interesting written content.

The Martin House engages Matt’s photography services regularly. This year, he has been instrumental in helping us catalog the growth cycle of the landscape, and many of his photos of both the interior and exterior spaces on the estate are featured on our website. You can also find many of Matt’s photos across our social media channels.