Frank Lloyd Wright's' Martin House Complex
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Mindful Monday | Meditation Tour with Yoga Parkside

Martin House Event
May 7, 2018   |   5:30-7:30pm   |   Greatbatch Pavilion and Martin House

The Martin House is offering a new way to experience the architectural masterpiece.



Frank Lloyd Wright designed his homes to encourage mindfulness.  His manipulation of space requires residents to practice thoughtfulness toward daily life.  Living in a Wright house is a choice to live with fewer possessions and feel connectivity and unity with nature.  As a result, simple elegance is achieved in mind, action, and receptiveness toward others.

Meditation Tour with Yoga Parkside

Monday, May 7 | TICKETS
5:30 - 7:30pm
$30 | $25 Member
Meet at the Greatbatch Pavilion

For the first-ever Mindful Monday classes, Martin House is collaborating with Yoga Parkside to offer a one-of-a-kind meditative and mindful encounter tour.  Visitors will be guided in silence through four Martin House spaces, while allowing the harmonious design elements of the house to enhance their meditative experience.  The tour begins in the Greatbatch Pavilion with a brief introduction to meditation and directives in how to proceed through the Martin House.

The tour will end with a group discussion and light refreshments in the Greatbatch Pavilion.  If you have visited the Martin House many times, or if this is your first experience, our Mindful Monday program provides a delightful new source of inspiration by way of Wright's thoughtfulness in design, architecture, and landscape.


No meditation experience needed. 


Space is limited.  Purchase tickets today!